|| Om Shree SaiNathay Namah ||

Wish well for others; do maximum good work; follow the discipline and right set of principles in life. And then you shall seek the God…

The Gurusthan Trust is based on this doctrine.

The service to mankind is service to the God. True religion is to wipe the tears of people in distress. Being inspired from these basic teachings of Shri Saibaba led to the formation of this trust with a selfless cause.

To give free medical help to the needy and poor patients; to give basic amenities like food, water, shelter, and clothes to the helpless people; to give required help to the handicapped persons; to help struggling students in their education….these are the main aims of Gurusthan Trust and it shall endeavor for this till the end in whichever way possible.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any suggestions or queries.
One of the administrators would definitely get back to you.